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4th Competition Talk

On 19th of march 2013 the 4th Competition Talk of the BWB on "Competition Monitoring: New instrument for BWB - possibilities and expectations" took place.

On 19th of march 2013 the 4th Competition Talk of the BWB on "Competition Monitoring: New instrument for BWB - possibilities and expectations" took place.

Michael Losch (BMWFJ), Theodor Taurer (WKO), Ulrike Ginner (AK) and Ruth Enthofer-Stoisser (BMASK) discussed the topic.

"Competition Monitoring"

Competition monitoring is a new instrument of the BWB according to the amendment of the Competition Act (1.3.2013):

Monitoring of a competition, in particular on the development of competition in economic activity or competition lawrelevant markets. (§ 2 para 1 Z8)

Main issues of discussion included the following: how to implement the tool in practice; which experiences do already exist in other ministries; which data can be used; and how to publish the results.