International Cooperation

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If you have any questions relating to international cooperation, please e-mail us at wettbewerb(at) Lukas Cavada is our Executive Coordinator for International Cooperation.

International cooperation between competition authorities is an important tool in tackling infringements of antitrust law and market abuse. It may take the form of joint investigations into cross-border offences, or relate to mergers across several countries or the sharing of best practice. The regular exchange of experience and knowledge is another key aspect of cooperation.

One major benefit of international cooperation is the networking opportunities. These help build relations based on trust among competition authorities and international organisations, as well as with other forums dealing with competition law. International relations can help to strengthen the position of competition authorities, which are dealing with businesses and groups that are operating more and more globally every day. Robust international relations are of paramount importance in cross-border antitrust investigations. Without cooperation, these investigations cannot be successful.

Organising regular meetings at an international level helps to find a joint approach, to exchange experience and case-related expertise, and to clarify important questions of law and practice.

The potential impact of international relations is particularly important for comparatively small authorities that deal with many cross-border cases. The AFCA’s ongoing international cooperation with other national competition authorities and international organisations is therefore of key importance for its work. With regard to bilateral cooperation, signing memoranda of understanding has also proven to be a valuable tool.

Current forms of cooperation:

  • Bilateral agreements
  • International Competition Network (ICN)
  • Network of European Competition Authorities (ECN)
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)