Internationcal Competition Network (ICN)

The International Competition Network (ICN) was founded in 2001 by 14 competition authorities and has grown to over a hundred member institutions. It offers competition authorities around the world an informal and project-oriented network to enhance their cooperation on issues of antitrust law.

The working groups of the ICN address issues from all areas of competition law (merger control, cartels, abuse of dominance) as well as a number of cross cutting issues.

Cooperation in the working groups is largely coordinated through electronic means and conference calls. The ICN results are provided at an annual conference in the plenary of the ICN, as well as in discussion workshops on various antitrust topics.

Since its founding in 2002, the BWB is member and actively participates in the exchange of information.


Competition Authorities were invited by the International Competition Network to create a brief video concerning the digital economy for the virtual annual conference 2020.

Natalie Harsdorf and Anna Wurm answered for you the following questions:

  • Is antitrust enforcement equipped to address challenges of the digital economy?
  • From your experience, provide one or two key considerations for agencies and policymakers addressing competition in the digital economy.


ICN about Merger in Austria

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ICN about Cartels in Austria

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