European Competition Network (ECN)

The Federal Competition Authority is part of Network of European Competition Authorities through European legislation. ECN is responsible for the execution of Articles 101 and 102 FEU Treaty.

Cooperation in the network means the exchange of information between authorities, concrete actions/inspections that are done for other foreign Competition Authorities in the Home Country and the joint handling of cases. The European Commission is responsible for promoting a uniform application of Community law by the Competition Authorities of the Member States.

Working groups on general issues of cooperation within the network of European Competition Authorities (particularly the Working Group Cooperation Issues and Due Process), as well as sectoral working groups (eg. pharmaceuticals, energy, transport), are part of the ECN. Semi-annual meetings are also held at the level of Directors Generals.

Several times a year the ECN-letter is published with the cooperation of all European competition authorities, where case-work and other activities of the various competition authorities are reported.