Official Signature

Publication of the official signature in accordance with § 19 para. 3 E-GovG.

The Austrian Federal Competition Authority uses the following trademark for documents officially signed electronically:

Official signature of the FCA

Verification of officially signed documents

You can verify an officially signed electronic document for its authenticity and integrity at the following address:

For officially signed documents in paper form, the Federal Competition Authority provides the following options for submission for authenticity verification:

Postal submission to the address of the Federal Competition Authority.

Submission of the scanned document by email to the email address wettbewerb[at] or directly to the email address of the responsible officer as indicated in the letterhead.

In the case of a positive verification, your request will be answered in writing with "The document you submitted comes from the specified authority and is unchanged in content." In the case of a negative verification, it will be stated in writing that "The document you submitted could not be verified by the specified authority."