Merger Notification - Announcement according to § 10 Cartel Act

Innovex-Gruppe; Rubicon-Gruppe; Rubicon Holdings LP; Warburg Pincus - BWB/Z-5160 | Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde

Innovex-Gruppe; Rubicon-Gruppe; Rubicon Holdings LP; Warburg Pincus



On 18.12.2020 the following merger was notified at the Federal Competition Authority:

Planned purchase process

Innovex Downhole Solutions, Inc., Houston, Texas (USA), a company controlled by certain funds managed by Intervale LLC, Houston Texas (USA), intends to indirectly acquire 100% of the equity interest in Rubicon Oilfield International Ltd, Houston, Texas (USA).

As consideration for the sale of this equity interest, Rubicon Oilfield International Ltd´s current 100% shareholder, Rubicon Oilfield International Holdings, L.P., will acquire an equity interest of approximately 22% in and joint control over Innovex Downhole Solutions, Inc. Rubicon Oilfield International Holdings, L.P., is controlled by Warburg Pincus LLC.

Economic sector: Manufacture of mining, construction and building materials machinery.

Industry sector: C - Verarbeitendes Gewerbe/Herstellung von Waren

Deadline for bringing in an application pursuant to § 11(1) Cartel Act will end on 15.01.2021.

Entrepreneurs whose legal or economic interests are affected by the merger can bring in a written statement at the Federal Competition Authority or the Federal Cartel Prosecutor within 14 days from publication date.

Note: The intervening party has no right to a certain treatment of the statement and will not gain a party position.

Non-prohibition of the merger

The Federal Competition Authority and the Federal Cartel Prosecutor have not applied for examination of the merger by the Cartel Court. The standstill obligation (§ 17 (1) Cartel Act) ends with effect from 16.01.2021 .

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