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BWB published Viewpoint of Settlements

Many companies ask the Federal Competition Authority ("BWB") in the course of antitrust proceedings regularly to Settlements. In order to provide legal certainty and transparency, the BWB has developed together with the practical standpoint for the Settlements.

Many companies ask the Federal Competition Authority ("BWB") in the course of antitrust proceedings regularly to Settlements. In order to provide legal certainty and transparency, the BWB has developed together with the practical standpoint for theSettlements.

What are Settlements?

Settlements (consensual process terminations) are an appropriate and legally provided means to bring antitrust violations quicklyand effectively to an end. It is a decision of the Cartel Court made on the basis of the BWB determined and not disputed by the company facts.

Together we can identify with the practice

The position was developed together with numerous representatives from practice and sets out a framework of Settlements.

In the following position will be notified of the following significant points, in which the position of the BWB is stated:

  • conditions
  • Exclusion,
  • Content of a settlement statement,
  • Extent of the reductions of the fines applied

Efficient and rapid execution

Through a Settlement behavior can be ensured time- and cost-intensive antitrust avoided, rapidly created legal certainty andCompliance with Competition Law.

BWB Viewpoint for Settlements (German text)