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European Competition Network publishes report on food sector

The European Commission has published a report of the European Competition Network (ECN) – which brings together the Commission and the competition authorities of the 27 Member States – showing that active enforcement of competition law in the food sector by competition authorities across Europe, in particular at the processing and manufacturing levels, has benefitted farmers, suppliers and consumers.

Content of the report

From 2004 to 2011, National Competition Authorities have investigated more than 180 antitrust cases, taken close to 1.300 merger decisions and undertaken more than 100 monitoring actions. The largest number of cases concerned processing and manufacturing and, to a lesser extent, retail levels. More than 50 cartels involving price fixing, market and customer allocation, and the exchange of sensitive business information have been prohibited, as have exclusionary practices that worked against farmers or suppliers.

The report provides detailed information and findings on how competition works in the food sector on the basis of the most recent activities carried out by both the European Commission and the national competition authorities in this area.