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Corporate Council Circle: Dr. Thanner discusses the witness regulation in Cartel law

On June 14th and 15th, 2012, the Corporate Council Circle met for the fourth time in Stegersbach. Leniency was a central theme.

“From In-House Council for In-House Council”

Under the theme, “from in-house council for in-house council,” numerous corporate lawyers meet twice a year in order to discuss a wide range of current trends and topics. Central themes at this year’s meeting were staffing, organization development, web 2.0, new lobbying regulation, and leniency in different legal sectors.

Thanner: “Leniency in cartel law has proved successful.”

General Director Dr. Thanner lectured on the combating cartels, money fines in Austria, the development and effect of witness regulation, and the function and regulation of the witness program within the Austrian Competition Authority.

Interesting in regard to this topic is the following chart:


Cartel fines

witness fines

Print Chemicals € 1.5 m 0
Industrial Chemicals € 1,9 m 0
Elevators and Escalators € 75,4 m 0


Car Glass € 1,384 m 0
Gas € 1,106 m 0
Elevators and Escalat € 832 m 0
Airfreight € 799 m 0