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Annual Meeting in Vienna: Thanner discusses newest trends in commerce

On June 13, 2012, the club Moderne Markt Methoden (MMM) held a conference of experts in order to discuss modern trends in commerce.

First-rate conference with top-class speakers

The conference was hosted by the MMM-Club president, Prof. Georg Wailand, Minister, Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner, General Director of Competition, Dr. Theodor Thanner, Director of Corporate Communications of the REWE Group, Mag. Corinna Tinkler, Executive Director of Vienna Airport AG, Mag. Julian Jäger, CEO of SES Spar Europe Shopping Centers, Mag. Marcus Wild, and Manager of the OMV Gas station operations in Austria and Germany, Mag. Harald Joichl.

Central theme of the presentations was a peek into the future. The theme then expanded into diverse topics, such as: problem solving abilities, expansion, and even the possible restructuring of entire sales systems.

GD Thanner: “Cooperation with BWB can only be helpful to business enterprises.”

General Director Thanner held his presentation on Cartel law difficulties in information sharing about price ranges, reductions, price fixing, and the characteristics of  different kind of cartels. He describes what commercial activity is prohibited according to cartel law and should thus not be used by suppliers and distributors. Furthermore, he described the possible methods that the BWB may use to gather information from businesses, and how those businesses are to cooperate with the Austrian Competition Authority (BWB). “Teamwork is probably the key word to use here. The amount of aid provided to us in the uncovering of information is correlated-by law-to the amount of the final fine,” said Thanner.