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Update on sector inquiry into food industry: AFCA now surveying online food retailers

As part of its sector inquiry into the food industry, the AFCA sent out requests for information to 13 online food retailers, requesting replies by 26 May 2023.

The Austrian Federal Competition Authority (AFCA) launched its inquiry into the food sector last October (press release of 25 October 2023). On 15 March 2023 it sent an online survey to 1,500 suppliers of Austria’s four largest food retailers (press release of 15 March 2023). Requests for information on business data have already been issued to food retailers.

The AFCA is now launching another survey in connection with this food sector inquiry. On 27 April 2023 it mailed requests for information to 13 online food retailers. Some requests for information were sent to companies that are only engaged in online activities, and some to other businesses that operate both online and through physical stores.

Replies should be returned by 26 May 2023.

In addition to the food retail business itself, the upstream food processing industry will also be looked into by the watchdog. The inquiry into the food sector is scheduled to be completed by the autumn of 2023.