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Antitrust Writing Awards 2018 – BWB received Award for its „Guidance on Dawn Raids“

[Translate to Englisch:] Dr. Natalie Harsdorf übernimmt die Auszeichung

[Translate to Englisch:] Auszeichnung der Soft Law Projekte

The Austrian Federal Competition Authority’s (BWB) Guidance on Dawn Raids has been selected for the category "Best Soft Law".

The Antitrust Writing Awards are presented by the Antitrust Law journal Concurrences (http://www.concurrences.com/de/) in the categories "Academic Articles", "Business Articles", "Soft Law" and "Newsletters".

Following a three-month selection process, the decision was taken by  50 international Antitrust Law Experts and readers. The BWB's "Guidance on Dawn Raids", was among the 5 projects selected for the “Most Innovative Antitrust Soft Law” Award.

The ceremony took place on April 10th in Washington DC. The BWB’s deputy managing director and head of unit Dr. Natalie Harsdorf, who is the responsible person for this guidance, received the award.

Director General, Dr. Thanner and his team are delighted receiving the Antitrust Writing Award: "This award confirms that the BWB has taken the right path to increase transparency in its field of activity. Companies should be prepared for dawn raids regarding legal bases. The first experiences show that the guidance is positively received by the companies and contributes making dawn raids faster and more efficient".