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Cartel Court finds Yamaha Music Europe GmbH guilty of infringement due to price fixing

The Cartel court found Yamaha Music to have infringed competition law.

On 23 July 2020 the Cartel Court, acting on the Austrian Federal Competition Authority’s (AFCA) application of 2 June 2020, found Yamaha Music Europe GmbH to have infringed competition law by entering into agreements on fixed or minimum sales prices for musical instruments and, in individual cases, for audio and video products as well as commercial audio products and/or by concerting practices during the period from 2004 to April 2017. The company is cooperating with the AFCA within the leniency programme. For this reason, the AFCA refrained from applying for a fine.

The decision is final.

On 2 June 2020 the AFCA filed another application for findings in connection with another musical instrument maker, which also applied for leniency. These proceedings are still pending.

Economic sector concerned: musical instruments, audio and video products as well as commercial audio products