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BWB starts Sector Inquiry on the Fuel Market

During the last weeks economists of the BWB have developed a concept for the inquiry. Next week the first letters of request will be sent to fuel companies.

Parts of the investigation will be the upstream and the downstream market with focus on the petrol station prices. The first report shall be publishes in autumn. Further analyses will follow in smaller reports.

Upstream market

Dealing with the Upstream-market the distribution chain (from the refineries to the petrol stations) and the margins will be looked at - especially the acting possibilities of companies on the refinery and wholesale market (their interaction, their joint projects) will be analyzed.

Petrol Stations / Downstream

Prices of the petrol stations will be compared. Price setting, price follower ship, local price differentiation and cluster development will be part of the inquiry. Furthermore the different kind of contracts between the market participants shall be examined.