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BWB sent letters of request to telecommunication companies Orange, Hutchison 3G, Yesss! and Telekom Austria.

Concerning the announced but yet not notified merger in the telecommunication market BWB sent out 52 letters of request.


Two possible merger notifications have to be taken into account:

  1. Acquisition of Orange by Hutchison (notification necessary at European Commission)
  2. Acquisition of YESSS! by Telekom Austria (notification necessary at BWB)

BWB works closely with the Federal Cartel Prosecutor, the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications and the European Commission.

Letters of Requests

The letters of request contain matters of turnover, number of calls, duration of calls, number of SMS, data volume, national roaming, airtime reselling for the time period Q3 2006 - Q4 2011 concerning mobile and fixed line network.

Cooperation with the notifying parties is well working. At the moment form and content of the notifications are discussed. Therefore Director General Thanner assumes the status of the merger to be clarified till summer.