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SMS group fined for illegal merger

On 15 July 2021 the Cartel Court, at the Austrian Federal Competition Authority’s request, imposed a fine of EUR 30,000 on SMS group GmbH, Germany, on the grounds of an illegal merger. The merger had been notified on 22 December 2021 (BWB/Z-5167) to acquire sole control over OMAV S.p.A., Italy and Hydromec S.r.l., Italy. The merger was approved on 20 January 2021.

The company SMS group GmbH did not contest the decision. The decision is final.

Economic sector concerned: Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy

Note: Illegal mergers are mergers subject to notification obligations that are implemented without approval or in a manner that deviates from the approved transaction. The Cartel Court is required to impose fines for illegal mergers at the request of the AFCA.