Merger Notification - Announcement according to § 10 Cartel Act

Bongrain Europe SAS; Rupp AG - BWB/Z-115 | Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde

Bongrain Europe SAS; Rupp AG



On the following merger was notified at the Federal Competition Authority:

Planned purchase process

Industry sector: S - Erbringung von sonstigen Dienstleistungen

Deadline for bringing in an application pursuant to § 11(1) Cartel Act will end on 30.06.2006.

Entrepreneurs whose legal or economic interests are affected by the merger can bring in a written statement at the Federal Competition Authority or the Federal Cartel Prosecutor within 14 days from publication date.

Note: The intervening party has no right to a certain treatment of the statement and will not gain a party position.

Die Anmelder haben am 29.06.2006 die Zusammenschlussanmeldung zurückgezogen.

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