EMCF: Euro-Mediterranean Competition Forum

The meeting in Rabat putted an informal network called Euro-Mediterranean Competition Forum (EMCF) in place. The Round Table had followed the general consensus to foster regional cooperation in the area of competition law and policy, expressed by competition authorities in the meetings in Vienna, December 2011, in Doha, April 2012, and in Geneva, July 2012.

Foundation of the EMCF in Rabat

High level representatives of competition authorities in the Euro-Mediterranean area and neighbourhood (Austria, Egypt, France, Malta, Morocco, Qatar, Tunisia and Turkey), representatives of UNCTAD and the European Commission as well as representatives of the civil society participated at the round table and founded the EMCF.

Informal structure till 2015

It was decided to opt for the next two years for an informal structure called Euro-Mediterranean Competition Forum (EMCF) open to all Authorities in the region and neighbourhood, International Organizations and certain representatives of civil society.

For the next two years three meetings were agreed on. UNCTAD proposed to host a workshop at the margins of the yearly UNCTAD meeting in July 2012. Tunisia proposed to host another workshop in November 2013 and Malta offered to host the next conference in 2014. The two meetings in Geneva and in Tunisia will deal with specific topics but also allow to prepare the meeting in Malta, which will also serve to launch a formal network.