Mediterranean Round Table

On December 1rst and 2nd 2011 the Federal Competition Authority hosted a Round Table regarding the topic Competition Policies, which had a large attendance of Ambassadors from Federal Competition Authorities and Ministries of the Mediterranean countries. BWB organised the meeting on proposal and close collaboration of the UNCTAD, the OECD and the European commission.  Top class lecturers/referees were invited.

Raising Awareness - one of the essential points

One of the discussion points was the development of competition law in the individual countries as there are major differences in the area of Merger Control or regarding investigation toward cartels. While in some countries there are already federal competition authorities established, in other countries the process is still in its developmental stage. To guarantee and achieve a fair and independent competition, the ability to know right from wrong regarding cartels within the general public and within individual companies, is essential. To ensure a further development of cartel law and the implementation of an independent agency, the understanding thereof on political level is of necessity.

EU-Commissioner Johannes Hahn regarding the importance of control and competition policy

EU-Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who attended the Round Table on the 2nd day, emphasized that during the development of the different Regions a diplomatic competition policy is essential. The international cooperation across the borders of Europe is equally necessary as well as a sensible but good standard average regulation and an open market: "the market is a good servant but a bad master".

General Director Theodor Thanner emphasizes the importance regarding exchange of experiences and knowledge

The Host of the Round Table, Dr. Thanner, was very pleased not only regarding the large attendance and the top of the class lecturers, but also regarding the output of the round table and the prospective continuation in the next year. During his speech he emphasized following "To optimize competition policy we must ensure that it fits the general environment - and we must do this on an international level. The objective is to exchange experiences and to learn from each other in a globalised world"

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