4. Competition Talk of the BWB on 19.3.2013

On 19th of march 2013 the 4th Competition Talk of the BWB on "Competition Monitoring: New instrument for BWB - possibilities and expectations" took place.

"Competition Monitoring"

Competition monitoring is a new instrument of the BWB according to the amendment of the Competition Act (1.3.2013):

Monitoring of a competition, in particular on the development of competition in economic activity or competition law relevant markets. (§ 2 para 1 Z8)

Main issues of discussion were how to implement the tool in practice, which experiences do already exist in other ministries, which data can be used and the way of publication of the results.

Michael Losch (BMWFJ), Theodor Taurer (WKO), Ulrike Ginner (AK) and Ruth Enthofer-Stoisser (BMASK) discussed the topic.