1. Competition Talk of the BWB on 23.10.2012

On 23 October 2012, the first 'Competition Talk' was launched by the Austrian Federal Competition Authority (BWB).

The introduction of the Competition Talk

This Lunch Debate Event will take place every second month dealing with hot topics in competition matters. Theodor Thanner, Director General of the BWB, stated that the debates are meant to attract company managers in order to raise awareness of competition offences.

The first Competition Talk dealt with the amendment of the competition law, which is at the moment being reviewed by the Austrian Parliament. Michael Losch, Head of Department in the Ministry of Economy presented the most important of the envisaged changes to the Austrian cartel law. He emphasized the enhancement of provisions against abuse of collective dominance, the reversal of evidence for undertakings with market power, the revision of the provisions concerning de minimis-cartels and the strengthening of the powers of the BWB. Peter Matousek, Deputy Director General of the BWB, explained in more detail the new competences of the authority, such as, e.g. the power to enforce requests for information and to seal premises during a dawn raid. About forty participants discussed the new law. The meeting was considered a great success.